Infographic: Quality of China’s Water Basins

The infographic presents water quality for the main Chinese rivers. One can view a river’s water quality over the past eight years. The information demonstrates that water quality has improved in the given time period, with a notable decrease in the proportion of Category V, or most severely polluted and completely unusable) water.

Hopefully Circle of Blue will be more specific on the source of their data in future reports.

Click the photo above to view the Circle of Blue infographic.

Slideshow: Algal Bloom off the Coast of Dalian

The reasons for the algal bloom are suspected to be fertilizer and industrial runoff. Algal blooms as such are dangerous in that they remove all oxygen from the water and block sunlight, effectively making the water uninhabitable for most fish.

See the rest of the Slideshow here.

UNEP Report on Transport Sector Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation

A new United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report, “Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation: Transport Sector,” details the possibilities for mitigating climate change with transportation technology advancement. This report demonstrates the possibilities for low-carbon, low-pollution transportation in China.